This is our Panama Canal Cruise

In November of 2001, Janet & I, along with our Mothers' (Edith & Doris), took a vacation cruise.  We left from Ft. Lauderdale and went to San Diego.  Along the way we stopped in Antigua, Costa Rica, and Mexico, and we spent one day transiting the Panama Canal.  It had been 38 years since Mom and I had left the Canal Zone and we were wondering what had changed.  Janet and Doris had never been there so they were excited about going to see this wonder of the world that they have heard so much about.  We were disappointed that the ship did not dock in Panama, but we did see a lot of the Canal Zone area.  I even saw the house we lived in while we were there.  I think that the biggest surprise was Panama City.  It looks like Miami!  Needless to say; we all enjoyed the cruise.  Unfortunately I had to return home and go back to work.  

Panama Canal Cruise-2001

A.  Ft. Lauderdale

B. Ft. Lauderdale to Aruba

C. Aruba & on to the Panama Canal

D. Transiting the Panama Canal

E. Costa Rica

F. Acapulco

G. Cabo San Lucas

H. On to San Diego

I. San Diego

J. Salt Lake City & Orlando

K. Tampa & Home

L. Pictures of Edith, Doris, Janet & Richard

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