Vacation Pictures
Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego
Through the Panama Canal
November 2001

Deck Plan.jpg
Deck Plan
Captians Dinner.jpg
Captians Dinner
Dancing waiters.jpg
Dancing waiters
Dancing waiters-2.jpg
Dancing waiters-2
Baked Alaska.jpg
Baked Alaska
Balanced meals.jpg
Balanced meals
Turn down-1.jpg
Turn down-1
Turn down-2.jpg
Turn down-2
Turn down-3.jpg
Turn down-3
Grand Buffet-1.jpg
Grand Buffet-1
Grand Buffet-2.jpg
Grand Buffet-2
Grand Buffet-3.jpg
Grand Buffet-3
Grand Buffet-4.jpg
Grand Buffet-4
Grand Buffet-5.jpg
Grand Buffet-5
Grand Buffet-6.jpg
Grand Buffet-6
Grand Buffet-7.jpg
Grand Buffet-7
Grand Buffet-8.jpg
Grand Buffet-8
Grand Buffet-9.jpg
Grand Buffet-9

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