Vacation Pictures
Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego
Through the Panama Canal
November 2001

Grand Buffet-10.jpg
Grand Buffet-10
Grand Buffet-11.jpg
Grand Buffet-11
Grand Buffet-12.jpg
Grand Buffet-12
Grand Buffet-13.jpg
Grand Buffet-13
Grand Buffet-14.jpg
Grand Buffet-14
Grand Buffet-15.jpg
Grand Buffet-15
Grand Buffet-16.jpg
Grand Buffet-16
Grand Buffet-17.jpg
Grand Buffet-17
Grand Buffet-18.jpg
Grand Buffet-18
Grand Buffet-19.jpg
Grand Buffet-19
Grand Buffet-20.jpg
Grand Buffet-20
Grand Buffet-21.jpg
Grand Buffet-21
Grand Buffet-22.jpg
Grand Buffet-22
Grand Buffet-23.jpg
Grand Buffet-23
Grand Buffet-24.jpg
Grand Buffet-24
Grand Buffet-25.jpg
Grand Buffet-25
Grand Buffet-26.jpg
Grand Buffet-26
Grand Buffet-27.jpg
Grand Buffet-27
Grand Buffet-28.jpg
Grand Buffet-28
Grand Buffet-29.jpg
Grand Buffet-29

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